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Executive search, management recruitment

Professional skilled leaders create commitment, followership and results. The leadership position is becoming increasingly challenging and we have to think differently than earlier. Today it is about being a leader who leads the way and shows the way.

Your new manager is already in a good position and the desired candidate is probably not thinking about a career change right now.

This is often the starting point for an active or executive search. Most managerial recruitment takes place through active search.

MindOn approaches potential candidate's in a professional manner by building trust and discretion. We take care of the candidates and client's interests as best as possible.

Quality is a key word in our processes. These are characterized by working in a structured and compliant manner, as well as ensuring that all elements of a process are quality assured. This helps to reduce any possibility of wrongful employment to a minimum.

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How to recruit the right person?

A short guide to a successful recruitment

For those of you who are going to hire key people and managers
(only in Norwegian)

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