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Final assessment

A third-party assessment can be useful in most recruitments before deciding which
candidate to proceed with or to offer employment. Once you have selected your final candidates, we can assist you in judging who is the best qualified.

How do we do it?
When we make an assessment of the candidates, we always want to start by reviewing the job description as well as reviewing the expectations and wishes you have for a new candidate. We all have a set of skills, characteristics, and these can be decisive in predicting the candidate's ability to perform work tasks. By reviewing different expectations for competences, these can be included in the overall assessment and as a starting point when we measure the candidate's competence profile.

Our DNV-certified tests can give you a broader insight into the candidate's personality scales and tell a lot about the candidat's characteristics, preferred behavior patterns, competences and abilities. We can use more tests if necessary. It's all about knowing what you're looking for.

We then conduct a competency-based in-depth interview based on work experience, skills and expectations. We also carefully review the test answers together with the candidate to ensure mutual understanding.

We reference check all candidates with a 360° methodology from people who have worked superior, subordinate and subordinate to the candidates in the past, if this is possible and relevant.

Finally, we prepare a thorough candidate report for the client to provide a good basis for decision-making in the process. We have well-developed tools to compare the candidates and weight them according to the selection criteria that have been set. Everything in the most objective and fair way possible for the candidates.

If you want to hear more about how we can assist you, get in touch.

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How to recruit the right person?

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For those of you who are going to hire key people and managers
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