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Why MindOn?

About MindOn

MindOn AS is a consulting and recruitment company that assists customers and clients in finding the best managers and key people through executive search, recruitment, selection and assistance in recruitment processes. We want to challenge the market and deliver solid processes with quality at
all stages. Our services will give our customers added value and increased competitiveness through change, development and value creation.

Quality in the entire process is important to us. This means that it is traceable and verifiable. For us, it requires that we have open communication during the process. That we use the necessary documentation about the methods and tools we use along the way.

Our vision

MindOn's vision: «Success through people»

This is anchored through:

Behind every success story is a person. People who want to can create change, commitment and followership. Will and ability are important qualities in any leader.

Our values

Våre verdier

The company's values must build on our vision: Success through people. In the same way, as people in MindOn, we must build our values on:

Commitment, Professionalism, Development and Honesty

Commitment to our customers, clients and candidates. Active owners and partners provide personal commitment to the job and proximity to customers and candidates provides commitment to create success.

Professionalism through high professional competence in recruitment as a subject. We believe that the right recruitment is more than experience and intuition. By working based on evidence, our recruitments will be based on professionalism in the recruitment process and provide a professional assessment of candidates.

Development is an important element of success. We believe in people's development through learning and experience. We believe in companie's success through people who want to develop and create. We will constantly develop our recruitment methodology, professionalism and utilize available technology.

Honesty always lasts the longest is a well-known saying. We will always seek to work with high integrity and honesty throughout all steps in the process. We believe that the opposite of honesty will backfire on us and, in the next stage, harm the client and the candidate.

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