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Our process

Understanding the assignment/position

Searching the right candidates

Interviews and selections

Understanding the assignment/position


Being able to know and understand the assignment, the position's content and the organization, is essential for successful recruitment. For us, it is important to get as much information as possible about all important elements at the outset, so that we can familiarize ourselves with the content of the position, the organization, the opportunities and challenges that exist. In this section, three elements are particularly important:

Requirements for the position, the candidate's profile and the DNA of the organization.

We know from experience that many customers may think this analysis can take a lot of time. Clarifying expectations and making this part flexible, while not compromising on quality and content, is important for a good result. This needs mapping results in a thorough job analysis, which is our basis in the further process.

Searching the right candidates


Where is the right candidate sitting today, how to establish contact with this person? This is an important question we ask ourselves in all recruitment processes in the search to find the right candidate for our customer. Actively searching the market for potential candidates is the best method when the position is demanding and there are few candidates. Here we always work in a discreet and professional manner. We do not believe in databases, as we feel that every candidate is developing their career at any time. That is why we spend time finding candidates through informants, our own network in the local and regional business community. This is a time-consuming process and at MindOn we keep going until the right candidate is found.

Advertising in selected media and digital surfaces also provides a very good opportunity to showcase the business and build a brand. By choosing the right media and preparing a good plan, you can also reach candidates who are not directly looking for a job.

Interviews and selections


Through interviews, testing, case assignments and reference interviews, we seek to find the right candidate. We assess the candidate's background, abilities, personality and motivation for the position. Throughout the process, we have an open and good dialogue with the candidates and our client.

We use structured and research-based methods throughout the entire recruitment process.

In MindOn, we use DNV-certified test tools and all candidates receive personal feedback on the tests that have been completed. The final and decisive part of the process is the selection of candidates. Based on our assessment,
MindOn will make a recommendation. The choice itself is made by the client. This is also an exciting part where we often take the last phone call and prepare the candidate for the final offer that will come from the client.
MindOn has good experience in assisting customers and candidates with valuable advice in any negotiation process.

After employment, MindOn will follow up the client and the new employee with good advice in the start-up phase.

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