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Board recruitment

Board of directors is crucial for a company in order to, among other things, be able to provide strategic guidance, monitor the company's management and ensure accountability and transparent management

Board og directors brings diverse expertise, experience and networks that are essential for meeting challenges and identifying opportunities.
At the same time, there are a number of requirements in our legislation that one must comply with, such as employees' right to elect a board member, group corporation relations, length of duty and female representation on the board.

Using help for the recruitment of board members can be useful to ensure that the board consists of the most qualified and suitable individuals, but at the same time that we know the legislation.

MindOn can assist with:
Evaluation of the board, identifying candidates with the right skills and experience also contributing to building a balanced and efficient board.

This ensures a holistic approach to management and strengthens the company's ability to handle complex challenges in a constantly changing business environment.

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How to recruit the right person?

A short guide to a successful recruitment

For those of you who are going to hire key people and managers
(only in Norwegian)

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